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Lost job? Advertise your resume. Need food, housing, etc? Cool! Just select those needs and people can search for that and send your hotel/landlord money or buy you food through like GrubHub. Add yourself:

Help others safely!

You can help people in need directly without giving out money! This is the GoFundMe killer! GoFundMe is a great place for scam artists because there’s no way to ensure money will get spent the way it is claimed it will be. CrisisProfile fixes this by allowing people to help people with needs like food, housing, phone with service, getting work, healthcare expenses, etc without sending money to the individual unless someone really wants to. Just search the below gallery for someone you want to help then contact them directly to say order food for them, hire them, or pay for hotel via third party credit card authorization form, or give money directly to a landlord, etc or email [email protected] for help safely conducting a transaction.

The Purpose of CrisisGuardians

I think you would agree that at the end of the day you just want the less fortunate to get the help they need in the most efficient & effective way possible. CrisisGuardians is a new startup by two formerly incarcerated men with significant mental health challenges who are assisted by a third co-founder with a clean record, business degree, and successful real estate business acting as adult supervision. The formerly incarcerated men are fed up with falling through the system’s cracks. Headquartered in Seattle home to Amazon and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we at CrisisGuardians are determined to provide every person the full 24/7 high tech and highly empathetic wraparound support they need to become a happy productive member of society living independently in the community with a comfortable life style.

Our story

Tim Clemans and Luis Diaz

Hi we’re Tim Clemans and Luis Diaz from Seattle, Washington. We just got out of jail Thursday. We met while getting changed into our street clothes. I (Tim) offered Luis pizza and he offered to house me. We’re so fed up with cycling in and out of Seattle/King County’s people warehouse. We never got the intensive mental health treatment we need in jail or once released even when Tim was in Mental Health Court. So we decided to fix the broken system ourselves!

And we’re the perfect people to do it. Tim is the award winning Former Resident Hacker of Seattle Police, profiled in the New York Times Magazine article Should We See Everything a Cop Sees and Wired Magazine: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police. While he started the job with some basic software coding skills he had to learn database querying, a new programming language, and how to create realtime apps on the fly to develop software automatically redacting and publishing body cam videos and police reports and critical software monitoring the computer aided dispatch messages to alert dispatchers and Realtime Crime Center detectives of critical incidents based on their chosen keywords and automatically alert them of suspects/vehicles matching a description and automatically show 911 call takers a caller’s history to speed up follow up call processing, transfer to medical 911 call takers, and alert call takers of domestic violence history.

Luis loves to help people! He always puts others first. We frequently remind him to ask for help when he needs it.

Our Products & Services

Every person experiences mental health crises. By developing and proving that our technology and services empower all people with the most most debilitating mental illnesses to live independently in the community with a comfortable lifestyle, CrisisGuardians will become the company all people turn to for help for themselves or for someone else.

CrisisProfile: One app with everything about a person in crisis efficiently connecting them with effective help

In mental health care, professionals need very detailed information to efficiently help a person and the professionals helping a person in crisis need critical relevant information about how to efficiently help the person at their fingertips.

CrisisGuardianAI: A digital Crisis Guardian that is always aware of a person’s status and can automatically facilitate the prevention, response to, investigation of, and recovery from a crisis

Our minimum viable experiment is publicly accessible profiles of people in crisis with specific legitimate need requests. Our goal with this MVE is to test the idea that if we make it easy to contribute towards housing costs, therapy sessions, purchase of food, gas, etc without giving money directly to an individual that we will see a dramatic increase in people giving to those in need. This is the online version of don’t give cash give food. 

CrisisGuardians: One single always excellent full wrap around mental health services provider with integrated primary care for every person